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Carnival 2017

Carnival Samba Workshops with Ale Cabral

As part of our Carnival project 2017, we are offering a set of Samba workshops with Alessandra Cabral from Brazil, on Carnival Samba.

Come and learn an authentic choreography by master choreographer Alessandra Cabral. This choreography will be performed at Notingham Carnival. If you are not parading with us, you are still welcome to come and learn some groovy new samba steps and absorb Alessandra’s fresh and inspiring samba technique and moves.

Alessandra Cabral is the owner of a company called Allez Samba Rio, which provide training and cultural exchange between Europe and Rio de Janeiro. She worked in France for a few years as a Samba instructor and choreographer. She worked as a samba teacher for many TV programmes in French. She is the Artistic Director for SFR Carnaval do Brasil. She also currently works for two major samba schools in Rio: Viradouro and Imperio da Tijuca.

Details of the workshops:

Workshops dates:
11, 12, 13 August

Workshops times:
Friday 6:30 – 8.30pm £8
Saturday: 11 – 2pm £16
Sunday: 11 – 2pm £16
Price for all three workshops: £40

If you are existing ABC Dance School students please talk to Tatiana about your rates as they will defer from the prices listed above.

Location: ABC Dance School, Unit 18, Avenue B, Sneinton Market, Nottingham, NG1 1DU

Please let Tatiana know if you want to attend. Booking will be made live on the ABC Dance website soon.

Let’s SAMBA!!!!

Our ABC Dance Carnival this year is being funded once more by Arts Council England. Thank you ACE for your constant support and belief in our artform.

Book for the workshops below:

Samba Workshop Booking

Carnival Performance Fee

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